“If you want to soar with the eagles, you need to associate with eagles!”  Barry Gottlieb

What can you do to support your own recovery? Easy answer - Learn from others who have been on the cancer journey. Find a group of patients who are outliving cancer beyond their cancer treatment - cancer patients who are accomplishing something extraordinary. They all have overcome the statistics of their cancer. They are surviving well beyond the prognosis. These long-term cancer survivors have received the same medical protocols as those who have died – the same surgeries, the same chemotherapy drugs, the same of everything, and yet they have survived beyond the statistics of science. 

Benedict Benigno, Gynecologic Oncologist in his book titled, The Ultimate Guide to Ovarian Cancer stated - ​“There are so many patients who have done well and after five years they are seen only every six months … Without exception they serve in the trenches when called upon to counsel newly diagnosed patients and provide a pulse of enthusiasm and hope that a whole platoon of oncologists could not match.” 

It is essential that you find survivors. Learn everything you can from them.  

One participant said after meeting patients at a spotmay group, "What I have observed by listening to each of you can be summarized in one word, POSITIVE. Each person has presented themselves with positive energy."

Outlive Cancer -  SPOTMANY Cancer Recovery Classes

in Atlanta, Georgia -

At this time, SPOTMANY Central West classes have been suspended. Please check back in the future to learn of when these classes resume.

Until then, please look into the other fabulous programs available  (both on  location and online).

Chapman Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Hospital

1800 Howell Mill Road

Suite 700

Atlanta, GA 30318

Our spotmany classes are aimed at keeping the group positive - feeling refreshed, empowered, and most importantly, alive!

Please contact usif you would like to start a spotmany cancer recovery program in your area. We will provide you all the tools and guides to create a successful program. Build it and they will come!