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"If I'm going to be healed, I need to act  like I'm healed." - Dodie Osteen

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The information found on this website does not serve as medical advice nor

should the information be taken as a substitute/ replacement for medical advice. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified physician or practitioner. The contents within is intended to accompany or be integrated with medical intervention appropriate to your specific diagnosis.    That said, I do want to share what I and my observations of what others like me have been doing to become long term cancer survivors. Each of us has approached life beyond cancer as a winding set of stairs. We each take one step at a time with a curious mind for discovery. 

Cancer Patient Mentoring

Even though leading oncologists and cancer research centers are unable to pinpoint the exact medical explanation and therefore are unable to replicate the results, there are numerous accounts of cancer patients living beyond their initial prognosis of life expectancy with a full recovery from cancer - outliving cancer.

There is constant communication between mind and body. The body, using our five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell) interprets our physical universe. The body communicates to the mind. The mind interprets according to its own individual past experience and belief system. The mind then signals the body to react in a way which it feels is appropriate. Long-term cancer survivors have learned to transform the way we observe and react to our thoughts.

Our mentoring program teaches you how to re-shape your reactive responses. Ultimately re-shaping your thoughts towards life experiences. You will learn what I and other long-term cancer survivors have experienced as we outlived our cancer. More importantly, you too will learn how to survive beyond what medicine alone cannot do. 

Just like Roger Bannister, who observed other runners and their times to better understand how it would be possible to achieve his goal of breaking the 4 minute mile, mentoring will provide you  will learn to transform the way you observe and react to your thoughts.

You will learn the process of change that long term cancer survivors uncovered - the change that triggered the mindset of being a long-term cancer survivor. Being mentored will teach you the steps to promote the necessary mindset that reinforces the beneficial outcome of medical treatment - the essential mindset that cements the change within the person that alters the course of cancer inhabiting the body. 

Contact us if you are interested in outliving cancer.