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My Vision

I want to share what I have done to outlive cancer and share my observations of what others, like me, have been doing as long-term cancer survivors. Each of us has approached life beyond cancer as a winding set of stairs. We each take one step at a time with a curious mind for discovery.

​If you hope your medical treatment will be the solution (the cure) to heal your body, please read on. It is important that you completely understand the intention of medicine. Nowhere will you find a statement from a national organization acknowledging a found cure for cancer. Yet most patients, and their caregivers will concur, that the initial step towards recovery is to engage medical intervention. However, you need to keep in mind that there is no known medical cure for cancer.

There are those outliving cancer. Long-term cancer survivors do exist. We are exceptions to science and to medical statistics. We have a plethora of experience to share – experience of getting through treatment (with the least amount side effects), experience achieving optimum results from medical intervention, as well as experience of outliving cancer years beyond diagnosis and treatment. If you are a cancer patient, do something good for yourself. Make a commitment be a victorious cancer survivor. Learn what others have done to outlive cancer. Be an exceptional long-term cancer survivor
Alyssa Phillips 

Survivor - Thriver

Cervical Cancer

Heather Von St. James



She made her dream come true!


Ovarian Cancer

Calm the Monkey-Mind -

and more stories to inspire outliving cancer

Amazing Survivor Stories

Imagine a world where treatment for cancer combines medicine to treat the symptoms of disease (cancer) with treating the complete individual - including with the mind (thoughts) which the body follows (with reactions).  This was Janet Kempe's approach to her cancer treatment which began in 2002.  

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