Aromatherapy Starter Kit

There are various forms of application. Most commonly, oils are applied topically in diluted forms, often together with a carrier oil as part of massage therapy to manipulate the soft tissue of the body, or by use in the form of a lotion.

Using an incense burner or an aromatherapy diffuser for inhalation of the aroma triggers the brain to respond physically and emotionally. Essential oils may be inhaled by adding a few drops to steaming water. Using an atomizer or humidifier will spread the aroma throughout the room.

Essential oils are natural molecular substances. When diffused in the air, the molecules are transmitted to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotional response. When used topically, essential oils are highly effective due to their ability to help stimulate the body's natural ability to heal.
Aromatherapy Starter Kit - $59.99

The set includes:
  • An electric diffuser - designed to derive the optimum therapeutic benefits from essential oils by using cool evaporation combined with air circulation.
  • Set of 10 reusable aroma pads

Choice of one(1) synergistic blend: 
  • Anxiety Release 10 mil. synergistic blend -  Soothing and relaxing. Promotes a sense of inner peace and harmony while easing nervousness, irritability and apprehension.
  • Believe 10 mil. synergistic blend - Promotes confidence and belief in oneself. Help dispel feelings of defensiveness and fear.
  • ​Immune Support 10 mil. synergistic blend - Encourages building a strong immune system with this blend of pure essential oils. Use in baths, diffusers and inhalations. Dilute in natural lotions or carrier oils and use as a chest rub or general massage.
  • Positively Motivating 10 mil. synergistic blend - Promotes a positive, can-do attitude with this energizing blend.
  • Sleepy Time 10 mil. synergistic blend - A wonderful blend designed to reduce stress, nervous tension and promote restfulness.

Cancer patients can benefit from aromatherapy use by reducing anxiety levels and by relieving emotional stress, pain, muscular tension, and fatigue. 

Aromatherapy uses highly concentrated essential oils extracted from plant substances - from bark, leaves, petals, resins, roots, seeds, stalks or stems of certain aromatic plants, herbs, or trees.